When individuality enchants

Your hotel directly on Lake Garda

Here the world shows off its most beautiful side

Imagine the deep blue colours of the largest lake in Italy in front of you. Just a few hundred metres away is a picturesque village, next to which the historic Villa Feltrinelli proudly stands, with a majestic mountain range as a dramatic backdrop. Is it the description of a painting? No, it’s your view from Meandro.

A vacation spot to fall in love with

This is where Mediterranean flair, cultural treasures and natural beauty meet while lemon groves dot the foothills, covered by lush green forests. Olive trees, cypresses and colourful gardens adorn the shore all the way to the lake. Quaint villages with picturesque streets and historical features make ancient traditions come alive.

We are located at

✔ 150 m from the beach

✔ 500 m from the centre of Gargnano

✔ 600 m from Palazzo and Villa Feltrinelli

✔ 1 km from Limonaia La Malora (Lemon Grove)

✔ 2 km from Villa Bettoni

✔ 4 km from Golf Bogliaco